Welcome to CREL

"The rise of the Internet, the Web, digital media and social networking environments introduces new methods for the creation of educational and cultural content," said the Center for Research in Entertainment and Learning (CREL) founding director Shlomo Dubnov, a professor in the UCSD Department of Music. "We are witnessing the emergence of new amateur practices and innovative designs in which multiple users collaborate, produce, annotate and re-use shared multimedia content." CREL will focus on grassroots creativity and learning while promoting research that combines artificial intelligence with interactive and participatory media to allow people to be more creative, informed and make better decisions in educational as well as entertainment environments.

CREL and Quantopian

CREL Tech Talk: Quantopian is a crowd-sourced hedge fund that offers individuals a free platform to build, test, and execute trading algorithms on. Their mission? Attract the world's best algorithmic and financial talent.

Research In Real-Time Music Systems

CREL researcher, Kevin Larke, has developed cmas, an AIOS implementation designed to support experimentation with locally distributed real-time music processing systems. cmas has several interesting features