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Sound categorisation

I'm doing categorisation of sound. Music categorisation is very famous, for example, Techno, Classical, Pops...and so on.
However, my study in UCSD focused on not music but sound.
This is a little abstract but this is start point. Near future, I hope my categorisation will be used all over the world.

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Music experiment in UCSD

I think about how to do my experiment in UCSD. This university has some ways to do that.
Anyway, I need to determine the detail of it.
I have a meeting with professor. Shlomo Dubnov, so I will talk about that.

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Read and read papers!

I hit on some good ideas for making my works. This campus may provide me a power...
At first I need to set up softwares to do my research. I regret not to set up before this Internship.
However, these new ideas are hit on in UCSD so there is nothing but it for to do.
Anyway, I need to do my research starting from read papers.

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Japan to San Diego

I'm from Japan to study DSP and much more about sound. This place UCSD is very good for study. Good climate, good friends, good foods... they are helping me to study. However, food quantity is too much for me to eat. I worried about my appetite will not be able to endure the quantity of the food in Japan because they provides much less quantity than US.
Now I want to introduce about myself.

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