CREL and ArtPower! Team Up for Interactive Movie Presentation - Turbulence

ArtPower! is launching its brand new Filmatic Festival at UCSD's Qualcomm Institute, featuring four action-packed days of cinematic adventures! The Filmatic Festival is a digitally-diverse festival that aims to blur the lines between artist and audience, including interactive screenings and installations, gaming, workshops, crowd-sourced material, digital industry experts, parties, and more.

As part of ArtPower!'s April 24th - April 27th 2014 Filmatic Festival, CREL Director, Shlomo Dubnov, will be moderating a group presentation about the unique interactive movie Turbulence by Natzan Ben-Shaul.

The event will include a lecture and Q&A regarding the underlying technology followed by a movie screening where viewers can steer the movie through their tablets and/or smart phones using the interactive movie system.

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