Career Experience for High School Students

Since its inception, CREL and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) have teamed up to offer Career Experiences for High School Students (formerly, REHS), to encourage high school students from diverse backgrounds and interests to become the next generation of computational scientists.

Projects have included implementation of a novel real time environmental process monitoring strategy within an existing data sonification framework, exploring the uncanny valley using various different methods such as perceptual experiments, physiological recording (GSR, heart rate), and neuroimaging, researching the use of shared databases on the web for public recommendation and brainstorming system, and preprocessing a large database of film scripts into scenes using Perl for a larger project to combine high-performance computing with humanities research through algorithmic innovation. CREL's high school students have gone on to win science fairs and attend excellent colleges and universities!

Students showcase their work at the end of the summer by creating and displaying a scientific poster.

Austin Fikes
Gene zur Nieden
Goni Dubnov
Gwendolyn Chang
Hailan Pang
Hong Joo Kim
Jimmy Jiang
Michelle Xie
Tammuz Dubnov
Tyler Simowitz
Ziru Liu
Jeff Compton