CREL/Keio University Partnership Research - Body Movement Sound Link Composition

Shunsuke Hananoi, CREL / Keio university Researcher, creates a method to let the movement of the body based on the sensitivity for sound link to create a composition. The act called composition has usually been done based on human subjectivity. This composition method is similar to a technique that developed in Europe of a musical piece controlled by the movement of the person. There is a constant rule for a human action, but it is important to suggest a concept of new composition by using an action (information noise) that is a random element. The act using one human action for as a factor of one music is the element which is important in not only the act called the composition but also the generation of the place, so-called space design. It is thought that a sound and the human relations are tied to space design; the behavioral knowledge based on the idea and the knowledge of the space affect the movement of the person.

The system constitution in this experiment locates a speaker in the specific point of the room and operates a sound to come out of the speaker. For example, in a room a person chooses a sound that he thinks to be the most beautiful, and the real-time operation of movement the composition determines the sound. This is the work which continue feeding back that a sound is like sensitivity with a person each other.